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Is it beneficial to sell on Amazon

How Amazon has giftedly achieved to fashion out a bit of our brains and establish itself as the number one place for many shoppers, has become the topic…

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Everything about Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and more…

Why Roberto Mancini Given Job Of Rebuilding Italy?

Why they have given job of rebuilding Italy to R. Mancini? Anyone has any idea?

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Latest video game news for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 (PS3), PC gaming, and more.

Why Satirical game used to push back against German ban on Nazi symbols?

German authorities have reportedly declined to seek legal action against the makers of Bundesfighter II Turbo, a piece of political satire wrapped up in a Street Fighter-esque browser…

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Big Data

What is decided in in-depth GDPR discussion?

The GDPR deadline is coming up fast, and most businesses in the U.S. aren’t ready yet. What is decided then?

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Why Tesla Autopilot Was Engaged During Horrific 60 MPH Crash?

The Tesla Autopilot system was engaged when a Tesla Model S sedan was crushed as it rammed into a stopped truck at 60 mph in Utah last week,…

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User Experience

Graph to Represent How Influences Impact Fixed Related Factors in a Measure

What is the best way to represent the following formula as a graph? Overall Score = 70% × [ 50% × Sub-factor A + 20% × Sub-factor B…

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