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Is it beneficial to sell on Amazon

How Amazon has giftedly achieved to fashion out a bit of our brains and establish itself as the number one place for many shoppers, has become the topic…

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Big Data

What is decided in in-depth GDPR discussion?

The GDPR deadline is coming up fast, and most businesses in the U.S. aren’t ready yet. What is decided then?

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Why Tesla Autopilot Was Engaged During Horrific 60 MPH Crash?

The Tesla Autopilot system was engaged when a Tesla Model S sedan was crushed as it rammed into a stopped truck at 60 mph in Utah last week,…

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User Experience

Graph to Represent How Influences Impact Fixed Related Factors in a Measure

What is the best way to represent the following formula as a graph? Overall Score = 70% × [ 50% × Sub-factor A + 20% × Sub-factor B…

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